Potted Flowering

Elatior Begonia

Masses of colourful flowers are produced over glossy green foliage keep moist but never wet and avoid full sun.


A colourful perennial plant with rich green leaves from which colourful daisy like flowers are produced.  Great in pots or bedding displays.  Keep moist during dryer weather.


Colourful winter flowering perennial, suitable for indoors, patio, and garden. For best results keep evenly moist and liquid fertilise as required.

African Violets

Showy indoor plant with velvety dark green leaves.  Keep indoors away from direct sunlight, and keep warm.  Water as needed avoiding the foliage, and fertilise regularly using an African violet food.


Beautiful daisy like flowers are born profusely over compact plants to 40cm.  Best suited to indoors or a sheltered position outdoor.  Keep moist at all time but never wet, and fertilise regularly.


Also known as a ladies purse the calceolaria are dainty indoor flowering plants.  Keep moist at all times and fertilise regularly for a flower display that will last for weeks.

African Daisies

Also called the passion daisy this perennial can flower for nearly nine months of the year. Great for pots and rockeries, once established are drought tolerant.


Bulbous rockery plant that produces a beautiful display year after year.  Keep bulbs moist over summer and fertilise in spring.


A deciduous shrub bearing large flower heads, in summer.  Great for use in pots and garden beds, also makes a great cut flower.

I'm Red Hot Chillies

A compact perennial herb producing an abundance of chillies, colours vary from green to yellow, purple and red.  Thrives in a warm sunny position, keep moist in dry weather.

Kalanchoe / Calandiva

Fleshy perennial producing masses of flower for months at a time can be used indoor while in flower.

Phalaenopsis Orchids

Will reward you with months of flower. Display in a well lit warm position, avoid full sun. Water soil thoroughly once a week in summer, less in winter. Overwatering will shorten flower life.

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